5 cool things from the summer sale at ABC Carpet & Home

If you call yourself the global grocery, at some point, you’ve got to talk about ABC Carpet & Home, the one-of-a-kind shop that brings the world and it’s extraordinary designs together.  Do I believe them when they tell me that this shawl I’m holding has been handmade by women in Malawi?  I do.  Do I believe them when they say the the wood for these trays was scavenged?  I do.  Do I think they see themselves as a global citizen, imperfect as that may be?  I do.  Apparently, lots of other folks do, too.

Stuff that is hand-hewn and not mass-produced in factories is going to be expensive.  In truth, I spend much more time drifting around the flagship, 6-story store of ABC in the Flatiron District than I do actually spending money there – for someone like me, it’s inspiring.  And I think they’re okay with that.

Anyway, here are five cool tems that are currently on sale – in the store and online – that are great for the table and kitchen.

Made to splash you off after a rigorous scrubbing in a Turkish bath, or hamam, so many other uses are possible for these .  Each is slightly different, in copper or silver tones.  $39.

Handwoven in Ethiopia: , starting at $22.50.

A zani & zani 6-cup teakettle designed by Nencioni Moleri, stainless steel with melamine handle, $360.

Pretty and organic, from Pawtucket, RI. $39

Unique and charming  from wood salvaged in Montemorano, Italy.  $85.50

Happy hunting . . . Anne

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